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  • May 22, 2018 at 3:49 pm

We love hearing what our customers think of our products and this was a particularly nice comment sent the other day about 2 of our liquid gel bikinis

“I bought two bikinis this week. I have previously bought one about 7 years ago from maxcleavage and it did not disappoint. The bikinis really last and actually maximise your cleavage. Without max cleavage I have to buy padded bikinis and they always soak up water and take forever to dry. The gel bikinis are perfect and feel more natural than a padded top too. They give natural cleavage; which I never thought possible until I bought from them. If you are unsure of the reviews or sceptical; don’t be. I was and didn’t need to be. I have had this company saved for 8 years now. I’d say go for it; you won’t regret your purchase.”

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