• May 10, 2018 at 2:10 pm

My favourite part of packing for my summer holidays is choosing which swimwear I want to take with me. I love my 2 piece bikinis the best, I just find them the most flattering for my shape and probably have far more than I actually need but every time summer comes around I can’t help add to my collection. But as much as I love a little bikini to wear around the pool there are times when I want to cover up a little more. In comes the swim vest! It’s ideal because it’s made from the exact same high quality swimwear fabric as the rest of the bikini set so it’s absolutely fine to wear in the water and it changes up your look in an instant from a bikini to a tankini!

We’ve always offered the swim vests in red and black but they’ve been so popular on our website that we’ve added them to all our brand new Summer 2018 collection so you have even more choice!

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