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Common Bra Issues and How to Solve Them

  • May 23, 2014 at 9:00 am

Are you having a bra fitting nightmare? You’re not alone! Nearly all women experience some sort of ill-fitting bra issue in their lives. We take a look at the most commonly occurring problems and offer useful hints and tips on how to combat them…

Rising back band

There is nothing quite as irritating as a bra back band that continually creeps upwards and in turn causes the cups to sag at the front. An ideal fitting bra should sit in a straight line across the back and chest. To achieve horizontal perfection try adjusting the straps to be a little longer. This could be a key factor contributing to pulling the bra upwards.

Double boob

The dreaded ‘double boob’ is dreaded by females across the globe. This occurs when your bra is too tight and sees the breasts spilling over the top of the fabric (and not in a good way!). The problem can usually be fixed by going up a cup size to give your breasts better coverage.

Shoulder straps that are too tight

Tight shoulder straps can be painful and can also leave nasty red marks. A good bra should rely mostly on the back band for support, not the straps. There is no need for them to be tight and uncomfortable. The simplest solution to this problem is to loosen them up! If you feel like they need to be tight in order to give support you may want to look at going down a back size.

Gaping cups

Cups that aren’t sufficiently filled out can be embarrassing and look terrible under clothes. Usually the problem can be solved by going down a cup size to reduce the area that your boobs need to fill. Tightening the straps can also help keep bras looking perky.

Back bulge

Nobody likes the feeling of a bra digging into the back and creating skin bulges over the band. The easiest fix for this problem is to increase the back size or fasten your bra at a lower hook. Looking for bras with wider bands or triple clips is also a good option as they cover ore surface area and create less pressure.

Centre fabric doesn’t fit


If the fabric between the cups is not sitting on the skin it could be a sign that you need to go up a cup size to give the bra more flexibility. If the problem still isn’t fixed it’s also a good idea to try out different bra styles that don’t have centre fabric.

Ill-fitting bras will look awful underneath tight clothing and can also cause discomfort, irritation and red marks. Next time you’re shopping for a bra keep these tips in mind to ensure that you find the perfect fit!