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How to Measure your Bra Size at Home

  • April 7, 2014 at 12:40 pm

Did you know, an estimated 80% of British women wear the incorrect bra size, and an
ill-fitting bra can be uncomfortable for any size bust? It’s really important to find the
perfect fit when it comes to bras – there’s no point cheating and ordering larger cup
sizes to make you feel better about your bra size. This will only look worse
underneath your clothing, so follow our simple guide to measuring your bra size at

Most high street stores and underwear specialists offer free professional bra
measurements, but you can offer feel pressured to buy something afterwards. It is
really easy to measure your bust yourself at home with a measuring tape, just be
careful to be accurate with the measurements. Once you know your right size, you
can get started on searching for the ideal bra to achieve any enhancing effects you
want. Let’s get started!

When measuring yourself at home, wear a normal, comfortable bra with no padding
or push up properties. Then, you simply need to take 2 measurements and work out
the size from the chart below, which is in centimetres.

Underband Size
Firstly, you need to measure your underband size. Using a tape measure, wrap it
around the ribcage, and measure just underneath the bust line. Use the chart below
to work out the first part of your bra size:

Measurement (cm) Underband Bra Size

63-67                            30
68-72                            32
73-77                           34
78-82                           36
83-87                           38

Cup Size
The next step is to work out your cup size. To do this, measure your bust at its fullest
part, being sure not to twist the tape measure and double checking it is even across
the front and back. Check the chart below to work out your cup measurement
against your underband size – remember all measurements are in centimetres.

Bra Size Cup AA Cup   A Cup    B Cup     C Cup        D Cup         DD
30                      75-77   77-79    79-81    81-83        83-85       85-87
32                     80-82     82-84      84-86    86-88       88-90       90-92
34                     85-87     87-89      89-91     91-93      93-95        95-97
36                     90-92     92-94      94-96     96-98       98-100    100-102
38                     95-97     97-99      99-101   101-103  103-105  105-107

If your underband measured 67cm, and your bust 78cm, your bra size is 30A.
If your bust measured 92cm, and your underband your underband 75cm, your bra
size is 34C.
For larger sizes it is recommended to get a professional bra fitting to ensure an
accurate sizing.