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Top 5 Celebrity Underwear Mishaps

  • May 16, 2014 at 12:28 pm

Every girl has had an embarrassing ‘wardrobe malfunction’ and celebrities are no more exempt than the rest of us. The only difference is that while we have to put up with mild embarrassment, their mishaps are broadcast to the world! To make you feel better about your most recent ‘nip slip’ or ‘bum flash’ we take a look at the top 5 celebrity underwear (or lack of) scandals and red carpet blunders that have occurred over the years!

 1.   Janet Jackson’s 2004 Super Bowl incident

This has become world renowned as the wardrobe malfunction of all wardrobe malfunctions! Janet gave millions of halftime Super Bowl viewers a whole lot more than what they were expecting when Justin Timberlake playfully tore off a piece of Janet’s costume and accidently exposed her right breast. Oops! The incident went viral and for the first time eclipsed the excitement and popularity of the long awaited Super Bowl ads. On the upside both Janet and JT received a huge amount of publicity and the performance is still talked about to this day.

2.   Tara Reid’s red carpet nipple moment

Tara Reid isn’t exactly famous for her class and sophistication so it didn’t come as much of a surprise when the American Pie actress famously exposed her breast to the world back in 2004 at P. Diddy’s red carpet birthday party bash. The dress may have been slinky but that’s no excuse not to cover up. If only Tara had one of these beauties!

3.   Taylor Swift’s granny pants

T-Swizzle is everyone’s favourite country pop princess with a squeaky clean exterior and a lovely personality to match. Apparently her underwear choices are just as modest, as seen in one of last year’s concerts when Taylor had a Marilyn Monroe moment in which her dress blew up and exposed her high-waisted granny underwear to the world. Luckily Taylor is a good sport, laughing the incident off and continuing with the show.

4.   Ginger Spice goes commando

Former Spice Girls star Gerri Halliwell gave the world a glimpse of her derriere when she went commando at the 2008 British Children’s Awards Show. A big gust of wind saw her ruffled red dress blown upwards, flashing her bare bum to the entire red carpet! Needless to say Gerri was suitably embarrassed. A children’s award show is definitely not the time or place for an accidental wardrobe malfunction.

5.   Lady Gaga takes sheer to the extreme

Lady Gaga shot to fame for her daring outfits and raunchy video clips. Her appearance at the 2011 CFDA Fashion Awards was nothing less than dramatic, the eccentric singer choosing a revealing wardrobe choice that left very little to the imagination. The studded black corset and sheer neckline material did originally cover Gaga’s girls but soon slipped down to reveal all to the paparazzi. There were so many nip slips to be seen that it almost seemed intentional!