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Dressing for your Shape

  • March 14, 2014 at 9:00 am

Dressing for your Shape

For women especially, it is so important to dress appropriately for your shape.
Whether it’s pear or apple, tall or petite, small bust or extra wide hips, how you
build your wardrobe can seriously transform your body shape and boost self
confidence. By switching colours, patterns and shapes of clothing, it is easy to
create an optical illusion and your desired body shape. Forget surgery, dieting,
ruining your feet in killer heels – you just need to be let in on style shaping
For smaller chested women, it can be difficult to even find underwear that fits
correctly never mind tops, blouses, shirts and dresses. Shopping can be a
nightmare, but following these simple tips will create the illusion of curves and
draw attention to your beautiful bust.

Invest in a Good Bra
When dressing to accentuate your chest, it is imperative to start right from the
foundations; the underwear. A good bra that fits perfectly and is comfortable to
wear is essential. It doesn’t have to be padded in any way but many ladies with
a modest chest opt for cleavage enhancing bras and there is a wide range
available on the market. Choose from gel bras, push up bras, plunge bras and
regular padded bras – whatever you feel confident and comfortable in. Think of
getting dressed like making a cake; even if you choose the most delicious, fancy
icing to finish the outside, cheap ingredients on the inside will totally ruin the

Embrace Patterns and Design Features
Making a statement on your top half is the easiest way to let people know your
boobs mean business. Look for subtle patterned T-shirts and blouses, especially
if the pattern is confined to the chest area. When it comes to smart tops for
work or special occasions, the fancier the better! Ruffles, frills, pockets or any
other embellishment around the neck line or strategically placed in the chest
area will enhance the breasts and curves of the upper body. Also, any clothing
that nips in at the waist or is a peplum style is great for creating curves, as
accentuating your tiny waist will make your bust appear larger.

Keep it Simple on the Bottom
By choosing over exaggerated designs on the bottom half of the body you will be
drawing the eyes to your hips which are already bigger than your upper body.
This will not create a desirable body shape, as your top half is smaller so this is
where needs highlighting with colours and features. By wearing plain trousers or
skirts, people will naturally be drawn to where there is more going on.

Wear White and Bright Colours
It is a well known fact that black is slimming and darker colours give the illusion
of a smaller frame – just what you don’t want! Save black for the bottom half,
and on top choose white or bright statement colours. This will enhance your
bust and draw attention to the smaller area on your body. Horizontal stripes are
also useful for creating curves in the right places on petite women.

And it’s always good to remember when getting glammed up for a night out;
flashing cleavage isn’t the only body part you can expose to get heads turning. Exposed backs and shoulders are extremely sexy, so look out for halter neck and
one-shoulder dresses and backless tops and bodies to be the centre of attention.

cleavage enhancing bra

  • May 15, 2013 at 5:39 pm

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