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Find Your Inner Girl Power

  • March 17, 2014 at 9:00 am

Find Your Inner Girl Power

Recently we have seen a growing amount of fierce women in the media, who rock their look on stage or screen regardless of their body shape. After a long period of craving perfection and constantly criticising women’s body shapes, the
international media seem to have finally tired of insulting female celebrities and damaging everyone’s perception of a normal body.

Beautiful women come in all different shapes and sizes, and we are thankful to the handful of stars who celebrate their body even though they are not necessarily the definition of what a ‘pop star’ or ‘icon’ should look like. Very
successful artists such as Adele and socialite Kim Kardashian have brought sexy curves back in fashion, and the smaller frames of Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus are also defiant of public and media expectations. This post will run down a handful
of superstars who have continued to succeed and push boundaries of ideal body image, showing the shape is no barrier.

Larger than life singer Adele has won over hearts across the globe with her stunning soulful voice. But that hasn’t
stopped people going on about her weight, as her body shape is a few sizes bigger than most other female
artists’. However, Adele’s fierce personality doesn’t allow these comments to get the best of her, and they haven’t
swayed her success either, being the proud owner of numerous Grammys and Brit Awards.

Rebel Wilson
This Aussie actress has recently shot to fame after her comedic talents were showcased on blockbusters Pitch Perfect and
Bridesmaids. Not only is she proud of her body shape, but she thinks it is her weight that distinguishes her from other
actresses and has played a significant part in her success.

Miley Cyrus
Child star Miley Cyrus unveiled her new look last year, and she’s not afraid to be
daring with it! Like many child stars, Miley is desperate to shift her good girl image and it’s a good thing she oozes self
confidence and doesn’t care what other people think! Her edgy punk hairstyle and fashion choices  have shocked the nation, but she still succeeded in achieving worldwide acclaim with her new album, and in the UK bagged a double number 1 with a single and album both reaching the top spot in the same week.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian is probably the most famous international reality star ever to grace the earth, and her success is
probably down to her incredible, impeccable appearance. Men lust after her and women want to be her, yet Kimmy
K is still not seen as having a ‘normal’ body image in the celebrity world. Her frame is far from petite, however her
curves are phenomenal and many see Kim Kardashian as a staple womanly figure, who is in the process of
changing current attitudes towards ideal feminine body shape.

Now it’s time to find your inner Girl Power! Whatever shape or size you are, whatever you choose to wear, embrace your strong and independent attitude and womanly assets to go confidently in any direction you choose.