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  • February 16, 2018 at 3:31 pm

We are selling some of our beautiful swimwear with a 50% discount! Two of our favourites are definitely the Neon Pink and Neon Aqua triangle bikini sets. These flattering bikinis with their thin “spaghetti” ties, feels fantastic, looks expensive and puts you firmly in charge of your cleavage. The halter-neck style top has back and neck ties for controlled shape, and the matching tie-side briefs can be adjusted for a comfortable fit. The Neon Liquid Gel Bikini Sets are designed and handmade in the UK from top-quality Italian swimwear fabric and is exclusive to MaxCleavage.Com

Odd cup sizes… Is it common?

  • January 20, 2016 at 4:24 pm

Odd cup sizes… Is it common? 
If your breasts are uneven you may feel like you’re the only one in the world. But you’re not. In fact if your breasts were even THEN you’d be one of a very few women to have them. The fact is, a staggering 99% of females have uneven sized breasts.

Odd cup sizes… When does it become a problem? 
Whilst practically every woman has one breast larger than the other there are of course cases that are more extreme. Whilst there are no health implications of being unbalanced, there may be emotional issues, such as a feeling of embarrassment or feeling ‘not normal’.

So… What can be done? 
Of course there are surgical options for breast correction and if your size difference is extreme you can always chat to your GP about it. There are also underwear options that you can consider too.

Finding a Cup Style that Works for You and your Shape 
As a starting point it’s important to consider the way that a bra fits and the range of bras that may not only correct your unbalanced chest, but compliment your breast size and type. The key to finding the right style for you is very much a matter of trial and error; however as a general rule you should bear in mind that bras such as the balconette style may offer less coverage.
You should also get properly fitted; this will give you an expert’s guidance on the difference between your two breasts which will guide you in choosing a bra with suitable removable padding. For the more noticeable of differences you can remove the padding from the larger side and add it to the smaller side. Always fit your bra to comfortably accommodate your larger breast. Don’t forget we have silicone pieces you can use to balance the smaller side, which most people use to even things up!

Thinking about Swimwear 
Swimwear has drastically changed over the past few years and today is full of variety, featuring padded bras, natural gel filled cups, differing support and all manner of neck lines. Asides from padded support you can also look to ruffle detailing to hide breasts that may be slightly unbalanced.

Bra customising… for the most extreme of cases 
If you consider yourself to be significantly unbalanced then you may wish to consider bra customisation, which can be undertaken by us. We can put gel in either size of the cup to give you a more balanced look.