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New and Improved Swimwear!

  • July 22, 2014 at 10:19 am

School holidays are finally here and in true British tradition the weather seems to be taking a turn for the worse….well in Essex anyway!

If you’re planning your holiday get-away then can I ask how you feel on the beach or by the pool? Personally I used to dread being in my swimwear and feeling exposed in  public! In my younger days I could just lay on a sun bed and read…  Once my daughter was born though, I had to be on high alert at all times; getting up to buy drinks and ice creams, walk down to the sea and paddle, play in the pool, play bat and ball, make sandcastles…… So my swimwear took on a whole new role!  It had to hide my wobbly tummy and keep everything in place whilst I was on full mummy duty!  That walk to the pool steps or waters edge can seem like an eternity when you’re not feeling body confident!

So when we were designing our gel filled tankinis and gel filled swimsuits for this season, we really thought about what changes we could make to our swimwear that would offer you the best fit possible.  We all talked about how we feel on the beach and firstly we agreed how strange it feels to suddenly expose a body that’s been hidden all winter!

Secondly how we become aware of our wobbly bits, and thirdly how we all try and diet, on average, 2 weeks before the holiday!  So we’ve come up with some clever tricks…..

– We’ve increased the length of our tankinis just slightly so that when you’re up and about the top doesn’t ride up and expose your tummy

– We’ve changed the tankinis to bra strap designs rather than halterneck which gives a much better fit and won’t gape on the bra cup if you’re bending over

– We’ve added lots of extra gathering and included extra strength lining to hold and shape your tummy area and…

– We’ve used small prints or plain colours which won’t accentuate flabby bits!


– We’ve added clasp backs to our tankinis which give you extra support around the chest!

(My particular favourites are the New Gathered Gel swimsuit or any of our new tankini sets to give you the best possible shape this Summer! )


All our tankinis are here;

All out swimsuits are here;

I do very much hope you like the changes we’ve made and that you feel the difference!

With Best Wishes



MaxCleavage.Com have the Best Gel Filled Tankinis!

  • July 22, 2011 at 4:17 pm

If you are not quite ready to bare all in a two-piece bikini then why not opt for one of our gorgeous gel filled tankinis?  Designed to give you a bit more coverage our gel filled tankinis have liquid filled cups to give a boost to your bust size to give a flattering shape.  We have so many beautiful designs of gel filled tankinis to choose from that we are confident there is a style perfectly suited for everyone.