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Why having small boobs ACTUALLY kicks ass in the summer

  • July 7, 2015 at 5:07 pm

1. You don’t have to deal with the very real struggle that is boob sweat.Which also means no need to worry about developing chesty sweat patches.

2. You can actually get away with not wearing a bra. And nothing quite compares to a breeze across the nips when temperatures are soaring.

3. You can rock all the prettiest little summer camis and shifts, without needing to worry about wearing industrial-strength scaffolding underneath.

 4. And over-spill is never a problem. If anything, it’s more under-spill.  But at least you can use that space to store money for ice creams. (Don’t store actual ice creams there though, they get melty very fast).

5. You can totally pull-off some casual side-boob without it looking like your whole breast has just popped out to say hi.

6. You can wear halter-neck bikini tops without feeling like you’ve cut off the blood supply to your neck. Or like you’ve been carrying a small family of elephants around on your shoulders all day.

7. Tanning your back is easy, because you can lie in your front with no probs at all. Plus, you can undo your bikini at the back without fearing for your life nips.

8. You don’t have to worry about your boob-shelf casting a shadow on your stomach or try to master the tricky underboob tan. How does that even work?!

9. The perfect tan line is basically a breeze thanks to strapless tops and bandeau bikinis.(Even if the white bits make your boobs look like actual fried eggs.)

10. In fact, you can even go topless if you fancy it and it won’t feel like the world and their dog are gawping at your basoomas. Well, not quite as much, maybe.

11. Life jackets actually fit you without squishing your boobs up underneath your chin.Ideal if you enjoy water sports (not that kind…).

12. And summer frolics can be enjoyed sans sports bra. Frisbee in the park? Beach volleyball? If you’re mad enough to do sports in the heat, at least you don’t have to worry about your basoomas bouncing around too much.