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Which bra style is best for you?

  • March 3, 2015 at 9:56 am

The world of bras is a wonderfully varied one which ranges from cleavage inducing plunge bras to beautiful balconettes with breast enhancing qualities; in fact, so much choice is there that it can be quite easy to become overwhelmed!

At we love helping our customers in making the most out of our ranges, so here we tell you all about the many bra styles.

The Balconette Bra

The Balconette bra was one of the first styles that transformed brassieres from practical to something that could be sexy and enhancing. Originating in the 1950’s today this type of bra is by far the most popular and as such comes in every material, colour and pattern that you could ever imagine.

Good for: Added cleavage and breast size enhancement.

Worn with: Low cut tops, vest tops, anything really!


The Plunge Bra

Plunge bras are probably the most versatile style of bra going. They can look just as boob enhancing and be just as supportive when worn under an everyday t-shirt as they can be under that uber glamorous low cut evening dress.

Good for: Added cleavage, breast size enhancement and versatility through the many different designs (including: basic underwired, deep plunge, U Plunge, Backless and Balcony).

Worn with: Anything, but particularly with low cut tops.


T-Shirt Bras

T-Shirt bras are so called as they are the holy grail of bras for tight fitting tops (T-Shirt or otherwise). They’re smooth, feature full cups and lift and support without the adding of unseemly lumps and bumps.

Good for: This bra is amazing for every body shape: from average through to plus size and is great for ladies who want to have a larger looking bust shape and size everyday.  They are extremely comfortable to wear.

Worn with: Clingy tops, but also suited to dresses and other formal wear.


Wire Free (otherwise known as soft cup bras)

Wire free bras are widely considered as the most sensible bra type for smaller busted ladies.  However when you are wearing gel, it’s good to have some extra support…we think!

Good for: Comfort

Worn with: Can be worn with anything, although the lack of support needs to be considered. As well as this they tend to feature little to no padding, which should also be considered if being worn with just a tee on a cold day!


Halter neck and Multi way bras

Halter neck and multi way bras are the ultimate option for flexibility. They can chop and change from a bust enhancing halter bra, to an ever more boosting and all the more supportive back crossed bra.

Good for: Variety. This is a bra that will support, boost, enhance and change its strap set up within 2 minutes flat.  Also great for racer back tops.

Worn with: Everything, especially in the summer!

I do hope this was useful!