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When is it Time to Throw Your Bra Away?

  • May 19, 2014 at 9:00 am

Bras are worn day in and day out so it comes as no surprise that your favourite bra just isn’t going to last forever, no matter how much you love it. What was once a sexy, comfortable and cleavage enhancing wonder will eventually turn into what is essentially a baggy, faded and non-supportive piece of material that even the charity store wouldn’t want. So why do we hang on to our old bras that are past their prime? Sometimes we forked out a week’s wage on them and can’t bear to see them in the bin. Sometimes they hold great memories Or maybe you loved the way they used to perk up your girls and make them look amazing in any outfit.  Whatever your reasons, sometime it’s time for a reality check. Tired bras past their expiry date not only look bad but can also affect your posture and breast support. At the end of the day this completely defeats the purpose of wearing one. If you think it might be time for a bra cleanout have a read through these questions.

  1. Is the band strap stretched or worn out in any places or have you had to tighten the clips or endure a little sagging?
  2. Is the lace beginning to tear, rip or come apart? Are there any holes in the material?
  3. Do you have to continually tighten the straps throughout the day to keep up support?
  4. Is the fabric looking faded, worn out or stained?
  5. Are the cups beginning to sag or let your nipples show?
  6. Is there any fraying on the bra material?
  7. Do the wires need to be readjusted after washing or have they broken out of their enclosing material?
  8. Is the padding disintegrating, dimpling or always coming out of place?
  9. Are you starting to feel back pains or experience tender breasts?
  10. Have you gained or lost weight recently?
  11. Is the tag so faded that you can no longer read the information or washing instructions?
  12. Does the bra no longer stay up without straps?


If you answered yes to any of these questions it is probably time to hit the shops and get yourself some new lingerie. As much as you love your old favourite, staying loyal to a stretched, saggy and ill-fitting bra looks terrible and can also have a negative impact on your body. For gorgeous, high quality cleavage enhancing bras that can go the distance try one of our gel bras. You’ll love the sexy designs and bust enhancing magic so much that you’ll forget all about your old bra!