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5 Ways to Rock a Flat Chest

  • May 26, 2014 at 9:00 am

Many flat chested gals are often left feeling self-conscious and insecure at their distinct lack of bust and inability to fill out those plunging V-necks. What many ladies don’t realise is that small chests are beautiful, sexy and highly sought after. Models such as Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne and the actress Kiera Knightley are proud of their small boobs and know how to rock them. Here are our top five tips to make you fall in love with your pint sized puppies!

1.   Flaunt clothes that bigger busted girls can only dream of

Having small boobs means that you can pull off all those flimsy clothing styles that simply wouldn’t work with a full chest. Scarf and bandana tops look great wrapped around small chested bodies. Bandeau tops and strapless dresses can also be worn without the fear of boobs slipping out or nipples being put on show.

2.   Rock the crop

Cropped cardigans, boleros and jackets look amazing on smaller chested girls. They can often look unflattering teamed with bigger cup sizes as the material is pushed outwards and forced out of shape by the sides of the breasts. Smaller chested girls on the other hand can pull them off effortlessly with the material sitting perfectly in place over the shoulders.

3.   Pull of the ‘masculine’ look

It might be called ‘masculine’ but baggy jeans, boyfriend shirts and tailored jackets are an incredibly sexy high fashion look that can generally only be pulled off by smaller chested girls. While those with bigger breasts often end up looking frumpy, the looser clothing hangs perfectly off flatter frames to make them look powerful, confident and fashion forward.

4.   Wear patterns and horizontal stripes

Having small breasts is a great opportunity to wear bold floral prints, crazy patterns and horizontal stripes. Often these are unflattering on bigger busts as they can be too busy and look strange when spread across a larger chest area. However girls with smaller cleavage look amazing in these prints as the patterns stay straight and the stripes remain streamlined.

5.   Choose show stopping jewellery

Some bigger breasted ladies feel awkward or uncomfortable wearing statement pendants or chunky necklaces that get lost in their cleavage. Flat chested girls don’t have this problem and can wear breast length jewellery without the fear of it getting wedged in between two boobs.

Next time you feel self-conscious about your smaller breasts just remember that there are all kinds of ways you can work them to your advantage. Whether you pull on a sexy wraparound top or flaunt that gorgeous pendant, small boobs come with benefits that bigger breasted gals just don’t have. So get out there and be proud of your A-cup beauties!