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Fitting Tips for Small Busts

  • May 29, 2014 at 9:00 am

Finding the perfect bra size can be a long and frustrating process. Some bigger busted women think smaller chested gals have it easier… How wrong they are! Fitting bras for smaller boobs can be just as difficult, if not harder. Flat chested girls will testify that there are all manner of problems that can arise in bra fitting rooms – baggy, unfilled cups, wires digging into the ribs, straps too loose on the shoulders… The list goes on! Fashion stylist and bestselling author of ‘The Bra Book’, Jene Luciani says “If you have any breast tissue at all, you need support.” So if you have a small bust, don’t neglect your girls! To help you out we’ve compiled a collection of our top bra fitting tips for smaller busts.

  • Make sure the underwire is lying flat against your ribcage. Digging in is BAD. If it isn’t touching your rib cage try going up a cup size but staying with the same band size.
  • The bridge should also be lying flat (this is the piece of material in-between the two cups). If not you’ve got the wrong band size.
  • Your breasts should fit perfectly into the cup with a smooth line where the top of the fabric meets your bust. Any bulging or uncomfortable wires mean you need to go up a size. Gaping, wrinkling or peeping nipples is a sign to go down.
  • Ensure that the straps are comfortable yet firm. Usually bras straps allow for quite a bit of adjusting so it’s generally just a matter of altering them to fit your shoulder size.
  • The back band should be straight across your back and not riding up or sagging down. The fit should be snug but not uncomfortably tight or squeezing against your skin. If it’s too loose you need to go

Once you’ve found the perfect bra try this industry secret to create easy, instant and awe worthy cleavage:

1.   Put on the bra as usual with the straps and back clip adjusted comfortably. Then lean over and allow your breasts to settle into the cups.

2.   While still bending over, place your hand on the right hand side of the bra where the wire meets the back strap. While holding the bra in place, use your other hand to relocate your breast to the centre of the bra. Repeat with other side.

3.   Readjust your shoulder straps to be a little tighter without being uncomfortable. If you can fit two fingers under the straps that’s a good indicator.

4.   Voila! You’ve got instant cleavage!

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