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How the right fitting bra can make the world of difference!

  • October 14, 2015 at 4:40 pm

Wearing the right bra can be like having a confidence boosting friend with you wherever you go!

For the smaller busted women, such as myself, it can serve as a subtle size and shape enhancing helping hand that sees me working even the most daring of neck lines. And for the larger breasted of ladies it can provide unwavering support and beautiful shape even when faced with that otherwise intimidating plunging V Neck.

However, choosing the wrong bra can very much feel like a match made in brassier utopia, with your balconette buddy quickly turning to your mortal enemy, presenting lumps, bumps and providing no support for embarrassingly bouncy moments for D cup, and little or no boost for the A to C cup of ladies. So to ensure that you make the right choice here we’ve put together 7 things to consider when buying a bra.

1. Get fitted…!
It is thought that up to 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size! For this reason you should get fitted at least every 18 months.

2. Being firm with your bra
Many ladies make the mistake of choosing a bra that is either too loose or too tight. An ideal measurement between the two will be where you can fit two fingers under the band.

3. Remember your position
Don’t just focus solely on the support that a bra provides. Instead you should also pay attention to whether the bra is holding you in the correct position. This should see the middle of your bust aligning with the halfway point between your elbows and shoulders. The band should sit in the same position around the whole of your body. If it’s rising up at the back or pulling down at the front, you’re wearing the wrong size. Check out our size guide to help you or ask us for help via our livechat/telephone option.

4. Realising that you get what you pay for
Shopping for a new best bra buddy shouldn’t see you focussing solely on price (and we’re not just saying this because we’re a lingerie company!). The fact is that in the world of brassieres you really do get what you pay for and if you want high quality, well designed and professionally engineered under garments, then you’ll have to set a reasonable budget. Bear in mind that the life span of a bra is up to 6 months, so it works out as good value for money!

5. Checking transparency levels
If you’re partial for a beautifully delicate lace or patterned bra then you must remember that in certain lights, and under certain tops, it may reveal a little more than you imagined. For these bras always do the transparency test in bright lighting before leaving the house. Remember that the colour Nude or Latte is best for complete invisibility.

6. Undertaking the bounce test
This point isn’t just for the larger of ladies who require more support; instead this applies to all. When trying on your bra for the first time, first raise your arms and twist from left to right and back again; this shouldn’t incur any cutting in from the bra. Next is the main event: the bounce test, which as the name suggests should see you bouncing, to recreate the walking and running movements in everyday life, to test the support that the bra offers up.

7. Remembering post purchase care
Bras can have a tough daily job, they must shape and support you all day long and as such they need a little TLC to ensure they are looking and performing at their best. So once you’ve purchased your perfect bra be sure to always hand wash and hang dry.

Hope this helps!!

Small bust swimwear

  • October 11, 2012 at 5:14 pm

If you are looking for small bust swimwear then take a look at our gel filled collection.  Small bust swimwear can be hard to find, you want something to give you curves and confidence on the beach but also a wide range of choice.  At MaxCleavage.Com we work hard to provide on trend gel filled bikinis, tankinis and swimsuits which are perfect small bust swimwear.

Ruffles are always a great choice for small bust swimwear