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New survey reveals 85% women never wear the swimwear they purchase because it doesn’t fit properly

  • August 3, 2016 at 9:22 am

5 top tips to feel great in swimwear

• 92% surveyed have never been measured for swimwear
• 75% respondents are frustrated by the lack of styles that fit their shape
• 63% surveyed feel limited by standard sizing when shopping for swimwear
• Emma reveals 5 top tips to feel great in swimwear

We recently conducted a Swimwear Survey here at, and found that a staggering 85% of women surveyed admitted that their newly purchased swimwear never even saw the light of day because it never fitted properly. And it’s not a one-off occurrence; almost 15% of claim this happens “all the time”.

It’s not surprising looking at these results when over 90% of those surveyed have never been measured for swimwear. Over 80% of those surveyed admitted that having access to a measuring guide would give them more confidence when buying, and wearing, swimwear.

The frustration of buying swimwear doesn’t end there; the survey revealed that two-thirds feel restricted by the choice of styles that fit their shape, and 3 in 5 women feel constrained by the limited standard sizes retailers offer.

When respondents were asked the one thing they’d change that would increase their confidence in buying swimwear, 1 in 5 said access to ranges that better suited their shape, with examples cited as pear-shaped, post-child birth, small busted, athletic or tall. A further 1 in 5 specifically claimed that access to a choice of swimwear that gave them a natural looking boost to their cleavage would give them more confidence.

Going on holiday is an exciting time, but so many of us still dread that moment of hitting the pool or beach and stripping down to our swimwear. I was saddened to read that 12% of women we surveyed felt changing their actual body shape would make them feel more confident. The story began over 16 years ago when I saw a documentary about a 14-year-old girl who was saving for a boob job. The story filled me with sadness. As a small chested lady myself, I’d considered surgery in the past, but knew there had to be a safer, less invasive way to get ‘bigger boobs’, and so I began my mission to give confidence and celebrate shape.

Sixteen years on I am proud that is considered as a secret weapon for a natural curvy shape. Each bikini and swimwear piece in our Summer collection has been designed for comfort, style, and gorgeousness and to ultimately make ladies feel less conscious and more confident. We use only the highest quality materials and our UK-based sewing team handcraft every piece.”

Emma’s top 5 confidence-boosting tips for feeling great around the pool:

  1. Treat your bikini purchase like you would a bra; measured and fitted for comfort. At we provide discreet measuring advice and guidance, and we’re flexible on the sizing of bikini tops and bottoms. There’s no longer the need to get frustrated or embarrassed in the changing rooms when sizes don’t match up.
  2. Look for swimwear designs that will accentuate the profile and shape you are looking for. For example, the ruched detailing on our Max Ruched Diamante range will give you a much fuller look. Decent swimwear should be pretty and comfortable.
  3. For an instant, natural and discreet cleavage boost of at least one cup size, invest in a quality gel filled pad. I researched the world over and couldn’t find what I was looking for, so we decided to make them ourselves mostly in the UK, by hand. Due to high demand, we’ve extended our range of unique gel padded swimwear to not only include bikinis, but tankinis and swimming costumes too. I’m proud we have over 280 trusted EXCELLENT reviews on our website thanks to the guarantee our products give.
  4. Ensure you can try before you buy in a non-pressured environment. Trying on a combination of styles and cuts is the only way to find that one that complements your figure, be it a halter neck or a triangular cup, a tie-side or fuller classic brief.
  5. A kaftan is ideal for covering up your modesty and for feeling confident walking around or sitting at the poolside bar. One size usually fits all, but you can get Kaftans in lasting and shapely fabrics that complement your figure, and many are available as part of a range to match with your swimwear.

Spring – Summer 2015 range of Swimwear!

  • March 10, 2015 at 12:04 pm

We are Extremely Excited about Our Spring – Summer 2015 range of Swimwear!

It will be available to pre-order very soon now.  If you want to check out just some of the prints and designs coming your way… then click on the link below for a quick preview!