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How To Avoid Visible Panty Lines

  • May 21, 2014 at 9:00 am

Nothing ruins a gorgeous outfit quite like a visible panty line or as we like to call them, the dreaded ‘VPL’. They can be tacky, embarrassing and incredibly unflattering to your otherwise beautiful bum. Read on for our expert list of our top tips to ensure that your panty line stays invisible!

Seamless underwear

Bulky seams and heavy stitching are one of the most common causes of VPL’s.  Investing in seamless underwear is therefore a great way to keep your panty line hidden. The lack of ridges ensures that fabric doesn’t show through the outer material or create an obvious line where your underwear sits.

Choose your cut

A wonderful way to fix a VPL is to choose underwear that suits your body shape. There are all kinds of choices out there and the key is to figure out what sort of shape your backside is and choose a style accordingly.  If you have a boyish figure then boy legs and French knickers with fuller coverage are great as they don’t cut into the flesh and create a smooth look that doesn’t bunch up. If you have a fuller figure high cuts and waist panties that cut off under the cheek are great as they hold everything in and don’t press against the skin to create bulge.

Lining clothing

If you like to wear sheer or silky clothing then sometimes the best solution to VPL’s is to line them with a camisole, underskirt or body wrap. This adds a whole extra layer of material to diffuse the VPL and give your bum a sleek, streamlined look. To help hide VPL’s and create a gorgeous shape this body wrap control skirt is perfect!


It might be obvious but lack of colour coordination is one of the most commonly made VPL mistakes a girl can make. Put simply – don’t wear dark undies with light coloured bottoms!

Buy the right size

Underwear that is too tight or loose is a major VPL downfall. Tight knickers cut into the flesh create an obvious bulge while baggy briefs will look crumpled and wrinkly under tight clothing. The perfect fit should be snug yet comfortable.


Thongs are the number one option girls can use to avoid visible panty lines. They are great as the V-shape gives ample coverage at the front while the back is kept completely bare. Just be careful that the thong doesn’t ride up as this can look even tackier than the worst of VPL’s!  This seamless thong is great as it is super soft and stays invisible under the tightest of clothing.

No girl should have to endure the embarrassment of a VPL. Use these handy tips to redefine the way you wear your knickers and ensure that you can rock the tightest of jeans and the slinkiest of dresses with confidence!