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Ultimao Miracle Strapless

  • November 3, 2010 at 6:10 pm

Ultimao Miracle Strapless -now who cannot spell Ultimo!? We are always seeing this spelt Ultimao, but we know what you mean!

This strapless bra from ultimo has changed name more times than any other I can think of! Ultimo started out with the Miracle multiway bra some time ago now, this was a very popular bra with our customers.

Here it is for you:

Then along came the Ultimao Miracle Strapless bra, in its first incarnation as the “Ultimao Miracle Strapless”

However it wasn’t long before the name of this bra was not considered newsworthy enough by the powers that be, so Ultimo renamed it the “Ultimo Strapless Mega Boost day-night bra”, what a mouthful that is! But it had the desired effect, it got lots of publicity, and sales went through the roof!

It is a very popular strapless gel bra, one of our customer favourites in fact, and it works well as a gel filled strapless bra for most people. It is also known as the day-night multiway bra too.

What do you think of this bra?