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Underwear expert praises Bridget Jones actress

  • September 7, 2010 at 10:30 am

An underwear expert who helps smaller-busted women achieve curvier figures without resorting to surgery has spoken out in praise of actress Renee Zellweger who was recently spotted in a chest-enhancing sports bra.

Emma Clark, of, said the Bridget Jones’s Diary star looked ‘fantastic’ when she turned up at a gym in Los Angeles wearing what appeared to be bustline-boosting underwear.

“It is incredible what difference well-chosen underwear can make to the figure of the smaller busted woman,” said Emma, whose company exports cleavage-enhancing underwear and swimwear all over the world. “It is not necessary to go through the pain, risk and expense of surgery to achieve the look you want.”

Emma, who has recently spent a year developing a new sports bra that provides the perfect shape for gym-goers, said it was doubly important for smaller-busted women to feel confident and comfortable when they work out.

“Often, women with smaller breasts find their chests are flattened even more by traditional sportswear and many women feel self-conscious enough at the gym as it is,” said Emma, who counts former EastEnders actress Louisa Lytton amongst her celebrity customers.

“We decided to produce a sports bra that is literally like putting on a pair of breasts. It took us a year to get the shape just right. We wanted to make sure that our sports bra was revolutionary in its design. The enhancements we use are extremely lightweight and the breathable fabric was especially chosen to ensure that, not only does the wearer look great, she feels great too.

“You cannot beat the shape it gives for the smaller busted woman,” said Emma.  “Anything that encourages women to have the confidence to work out at the gym and feel good about themselves at the same time has got to be a good thing.”

The sports bra is available in plain black or pink and black and priced at £34.99.

Underwear Survival Kit

  • February 24, 2010 at 5:09 pm

We’ve all read advice on clothes in magazines, where they tell us the essential clothing items to own, such as that LBD and the perfect pair of jeans. But what about your underwear draw, have you been neglecting it? Fear not, we have put together the essential underwear survival kit guide! Every girl should have the following underwear items available to them. Firstly, invest in a good supportive strapless gel bra with removable straps allowing it to double up as a multiway gel bra. A great little extra is a pair of clear straps that you can wear with your strapless bra which will give extra support without being visible. Secondly, invest in a comfortable, seam-free t-shirt bra, this is great for every day wear and will create smooth lines under any fabric. Thirdly, a more detailed bra, ideally as a matching set, for those times when you just want to feel glamorous.  Next on the list is a comfy pair of briefs or shorts, which are comfortable every day basics and it’s always a good idea to have a thong to avoid those VPL’s.  Remember, when it comes to colours, it’s always great to have fun with them, but we recommend to have the staple black, white and nude colours in your collections. These will ensure that you have the right underwear for whatever colour combination your outfit involves. With these essentials you’ll never be at a loss for the right gel filled underwear!

Underwear for a Special Occasion – The Strapless Gel Bra

  • February 22, 2010 at 10:08 pm

We’ve all been there, we’ve found that perfect outfit for that ‘all important’ occasion. Then we get it home and realise that we don’t have the right underwear for it! But there are, surprisingly, so many practical underwear solutions to suit any complicated or unusually shaped outfits, whether it be backless, frontless, strapless or halter-neck. To start with, we would recommend that every girl should own a strapless gel bra! They are ideal, because not only can they be worn with or without straps, but can also serve as a multiway bra, allowing you the versatility to wear it with haltner-neck tops, one shoulder tops and racer backs. Find out tomorrow how you can turn your every day gel bra, into a practical solution for all outfit dilemmas, with the help of a few handy accessories.